Kids Who Listen - Yeah Right

parent coach parenting parenting help Feb 02, 2023
kids who listen yeah right Ann Kaplan Parent Coach

Kids Who Listen The First Time...

"Kids that listen the first time...Elon musk must have programmed the AI software 😂😂😂"

"...And Other Fairy Tales."

"Yea ok 🙄"

"This book must be fiction 🤷‍♀️"

"Kids listening the first time… not unless they’re conditioned through fear of their parents."

"And other myths" 😆😆

"Kids are not robots; they're not going to just do what you say the first time."

Ouch! These are real comments I’ve received on social media posts sharing my workbook, “Getting Kids To Listen The First Time,” and reading these feels sad for three reasons:

1️⃣A respectful relationship with their kids where listening and two-way communication is the norm seems fantastical to so many parents. How sad. 

2️⃣People assume the only way kids would ever listen or behave is if parents cruelly turn them into fearful robots. It is tragic that we associate cooperation and peace with dominance and cruelty. 

3️⃣When something feels so crazy, why waste time on it? Many parents give up trying to create something healthy with their kids because they believe it’s impossible. 

But what if that’s not all there is?

We fantasize about saying things once, and our kids listen and comply with our requests without conflict. But I want you to imagine even more than that:

⭐Imagine honest discussions with your child where they actually value your opinion.

⭐Imagine sharing your thoughts in ways that reach your kid instead of creating conflict.

⭐Imagine teaching your child confidence and independence simply through your way of being.

 A great parent-child relationship can happen for matter how far off the path you think you might be, no matter what age your child is, and I can help.

In my group program, I teach:

✔️REAL tools that keep lines of communication open, even about hard stuff.

✔️How to say things once (in an indoor voice), then back it up, so you never repeat yourself.

✔️The skills to manage your own emotions so you can really hear and respond to your child.

It’s not about raising kids who do what they're told but who listen because we have created a dialogue of respect and care.

If you’re ready to believe in yourself and your kid again, let’s work together. It starts with a Discovery Call where you’ll rekindle your hope and see the path that makes it a reality. I’ll share the details of working with me and help you make it happen.