What's Left Unsaid Between You and Your Child

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What's Left Unsaid Between You and Your Child

What's Left Unsaid Between You and Your Child - Does it feel like if you could just explain things the right way, your kids would get it and make better choices?

Words That Work

Whelp, I have some bad news... 

You've heard that talking doesn't teach. Kids learn from experiences and modeling, not verbal discipline. Verbal discipline increases defiance and worsens behavior, and we end up yelling, repeating ourselves, avoiding consequences, yada yada. 

But there's something even worse about verbal discipline.

When words are used to discipline kids, they can no longer:

  • Build trust
  • Create emotional safety
  • Teach us about each other
  • Increase closeness
  • Teach self-sufficiency, confidence, and resilience

These things are available to all of us, no matter how old our kids are or what challenges we have. But most of us are missing out because to have them; we must opt out of verbal discipline and instead show up differently when we talk to our kids. We need new ways of responding to them, new words, and new perspectives on them and ourselves.

It's hard to choose curiosity instead of judgment.

This is hard. It's hard to choose curiosity instead of judgment. It's hard to ask questions, stay quiet, take breaks, reflect on kids' emotions, agree to disagree, and express ourselves positively. These things are hard AF. 

The good news is that you don't have to figure out how to do these things alone, and you're not expected to know how to do them already.

Words That Work

Words That Work will teach you exactly what to say and do when talking with your child. You can set aside the negative fallout of trying to discipline through talk and finally experience all the amazing things you've been missing! 

More deets!

This is a FREE workshop with two chances to attend (Sunday, 4/7 - 7 pm MTN, or Monday, 4/8 - 12 noon MTN). Replays will be available, but you definitely want to come live if at all possible. This workshop is for anyone wishing to eliminate arguments, backtalk, lectures, and one-sided conversations. The most common ways we speak to our children only end up pushing them away. Learn more and register here: https://www.annkaplanparentcoach.com/wordsthatwork

Also, this event is interactive, with plenty of time for Q&A and live coaching—bring your questions and get ready to be real with me.

Learn more about group parent coaching here. 

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