Who's in for a No-Yell January?

dad coach parent coach parenting parenting help Jan 02, 2024
No-Yell January

"Who wants to commit to a No-Yell January?" 

Every January, I see this post in parenting groups. Makes sense - the holidays derailed us, it's a new year, and it's time to start fresh with a commitment to be the parent our kids deserve and get things back on track. But every time I see moms do this, it breaks my heart. At best, it's a temporary improvement. At worst, it's an overwhelmed parent who ends up doubling both their yelling and their guilt. 

Solving a parenting problem by deciding not to yell is about as effective as putting out a fire by silencing a smoke detector!

Let's be real - if all we had to do were to decide not to yell, we would have done it a long time ago! Yelling is the end result of a long chain of stuff that's not cool. If we can release the focus on yelling and see the other things in that chain, the yelling takes care of itself. If, on the other hand, we make a rule that we can't yell...we're likely to find ourselves yelling even more!

Walking away from No-Yell January (or any other rule about what you're 'allowed' to do as a parent) could be the key to your least yell-y month of all time!!! 

Ready to stop yelling for good?

Step one - set up your free Discovery Call so I can hear your struggles and show you how things can turn around, and we can get started on releasing all the things that get in the way of the not-yelling parent you want to be. Make it happen today.

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