On the Fence - The Least Comfy Seat of All

fall retreat parent coach parenting help parenting retreat May 31, 2023
Parenting on Purpose Retreat Ann Kaplan On the Fence

The fence is a really painful seat.

Over the last few weeks, I have talked to so many moms thinking about coming to the Parenting On Purpose retreat in October. It can feel like a leap to spend several days with people you don’t know, to make a significant investment in yourself and the unknown, and to trust that I’ve got your back, that you will be well cared for, enjoy yourself and get something real out of our time together. You may be asking,

How do I know if this is right for me?

There is no less comfortable place to sit than on the fence! It is a pointy place that really hurts, so let’s cut that sh*t out and figure this out once and for all! 

Today is your last day to snag Early Bird pricing for the retreat, so today is the day you jump off that fence and into your dreams! This trip is for you if: 

You’re ready to release doubt and KNOW that you have succeeded in motherhood. Through each sharing moment and heart-opening excursion, you will remove another layer of inner blocks, becoming crystal clear on the GIFT you are (and always have been) to your family. 

You’re DONE with the typical mom life of quiet desperation. If you feel strain, pressure, depletion, or dissatisfaction in your family’s dynamics, this retreat is for you! You know things could be so different in your family - the behavior, the respect, the communication, the peace, but you're just not sure how - I’ve got you! The training on specific parenting skills you'll receive on this retreat, along with help integrating your learning, will give you tangible tools to shift your energy, change your family’s story, respond differently to your child, and ultimately create new results in your family forever! 

You’re OPEN… to spiritual experiences that heighten your awareness…to new friendships and connections…to radical accountability for yourself and personal growth…to vulnerability in a safe group of women…to releasing any guilt and old yuckiness holding you back...to experiencing JOY, relaxation, satisfaction and clarity in your life! 

You are both excited and nervous about this trip. Nerve-cited is the feeling of being right where we belong - in our growth edge, right on the outskirts of our comfort zone. If you need a little TLC to help you commit to this growth instead of retreating to safety, set up a Retreat Curiosity Call with me. I will help you figure this out (even the finances). 

You’re tired of just being OK and ready to have the time of your life, becoming truly happy and purpose-driven!

I am SO ready for you, mama! Get your retreat deposit in today, lock in that Early Bird pricing, and set your sights on the most glorious Fall getaway of your life. See you in October!!!

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P.S. Some details to help you take action:

  • This retreat is ALL INCLUSIVE - everything is covered, including all expenses during our excursions, massages, drinks, gratuities, and your freaking awesome (personalized!) gift bag.
  • You could be coming on this retreat for as low as $1919!
  • Early Bird Pricing ends TOMORROW, 6/1 - set up a call with me here to get answers to all your questions!
  • Here is a video to help you hear straight from me exactly what is so special about this retreat.