Boil Down Parenting in 3 Steps

parent coach parenting parenting help Feb 07, 2023

Lately, people have been curious about these Discovery Calls I keep mentioning. I never shut up about them, so they must be pretty great, right? 😜 Well, they ARE great, and the truth is that my 3-part system for these calls works to assess any parenting situation. Try it yourself!

Ann Kaplan's 3-Part Parenting System 

Here’s the lowdown: The whole point of a Discovery Call is for us to get to know each other, bring all the ‘stuff’ out into the open, look at solutions, and ultimately decide if we are meant for each other 😉 By the end of our call we’ll know whether this is the beginning of a relationship that will ultimately change your life and the life of your child. 

It’s powerful stuff! And we figure it out together by walking through 3 steps:

The NOW, The WOW, and The HOW


I want to know exactly what is happening NOW for you and your family. What is your day-to-day? What have you tried so far, and what are you trying now? We’ll talk about how everything is affecting you and your family and anything special you want me to know about. I want to have a real sense of the ins and outs of you and your family, so I bring a lot of listening, curiosity, and compassion to this part of our time together. (Lots of parents cry, just out of relief to have someone to listen and finally help them face their situation head-on - I’m here for it all.)


Then we’ll envision the most WOW outcome of our work. What will our goals be, and how will we know we’ve been successful? Why is this so important to you? (Sometimes, you might not know the answers yet, and that’s OK - it’s my job to help you discover them.) We’ll get clear on what we’re running toward instead of only what we’re running from.


Finally, it’s feedback time! You’ll learn exactly HOW to get from a NOW you don’t love to the WOW you’re looking for. You’re gonna see exactly what’s happening behind the scenes in your fam, especially the things happening right under your nose that you’ve been missing. This isn’t about just identifying what’s wrong; you’ll get a clear roadmap for exactly how it will get better.

Pretty great system, right?

These three steps are killer even if you’re doing them all by yourself, but let’s be honest - it’s a heck of a lot better when you’re doing it with ME! Who doesn’t want to spend time with a skilled and knowledgeable expert sharing struggles, identifying goals, and getting feedback?! The insight and clarity built into just one hour of exploration is SO valuable. 

In the end, you’ll know what’s possible, exactly how that looks, and all the details so we can reach a decision and move on to the next steps. 

If this experience is calling your name, I’m here to answer that call! Book your session with me now, and let’s get started!