Parenting Like the Buddha

fall retreat parenting parenting help parenting retreat Jul 29, 2022
Parenting Like the Buddha

"Next time my kid acts up, I'm going to be like Buddha - just SO calm."


Parenting from your Buddha-nature is a phenomenal idea.

You should definitely do that. Are you willing to do what the Buddha did to be "just SO calm"?

Watch this video to see

  • What parenting from Buddha-nature really means,
  • why most parents utterly fail at parenting this way,
  • and why SELFISHNESS is the key to Buddha-like parenting.

The truth is that the Buddha became who he was by being what our society would call SELFISH. Are you willing to be selfish to become the parent you want to be and that your child deserves? Overcoming our conditioning about selfishness is hard - it makes perfect sense that we feel reticent to make this kind of radical commitment to ourselves and our families. 

The AWAKEN THE WISE MAMA retreat is your opportunity to tap into this Buddha-like selfishness 😉 - to take the space and time to connect to your inner wisdom and learn how to parent from that calm space when you return home.

So - is that selfish? Or a gift to your child and family?

If your inner voice is telling you loud and clear that you need this in your life, reach out today, and let's chat. Early Bird pricing ends on Monday! Now is the time to be selfish like the Buddha so that you can live in peace like the Buddha, and your kids can experience parenting from that peace.

Connect with me today!