Workshop Announcement: Parenting Revolution

co-parenting parenting parenting help workshop Jan 24, 2022

WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT: Parenting Revolution is coming up in February. Watch this video to learn all about it!

Two chances to attend (replays will be available): Either Sunday, 2/6 - 7 pm MTN OR Monday, 2/7 - 12 noon MTN


This workshop is for anyone interested in breaking away from the type of parenting their past has taught them.

For so many of us, conventional parenting wisdom - the parenting passed down to us from our own childhood and the world around us - is failing us. It leads us to believe we are meant to have all the answers, control and overpower our kids, fixate on their behavior instead of their personhood and emotional needs, and sacrifice ourselves to our families in body, spirit and mind.

It is soul-crushing, deteriorates relationships, and most importantly, IT DOESN'T WORK!

Children's behavior and wellness improve so much better with a relationship-based, compassionate and accountable approach to parenting.

This is something most of us were never taught. We need a revolution in our parenting to make it happen. Learn more and register here.