Personal Connection Matters

fall retreat parenting help May 25, 2023
Personal Connection Matters

You deserve a personal connection

If you are one of the many people wondering about the Parenting On Purpose retreat, I was right where you are now, just a few months ago! 

Mike and I decided to go on a retreat together, and as I searched for something that fit what we wanted, I realized there was no way I was going to book something this major without talking to a real live human and making sure it felt right! 

In planning Parenting On Purpose, I knew you deserved that same personal connection. I want to meet with you! Book a Retreat Curiosity Call and give yourself the chance to connect with me, get all your questions answered, and your uncertainties cared for.

And watch this video to learn straight from my heart:

  • Why gathering at this specific time of year is a big deal.
  • The elements that make this retreat far beyond regular coaching…
  • …and far more than simply a fabulous getaway.
  • The mind and body shift you’ll experience during our time together…
  • …and the lasting impact you’ll retain when you return home.
  • How does this retreat being all-inclusive impact your process.
  • The importance of the space and rest is woven throughout our itinerary
  • Details (pricing, inclusions, excursions, and services)


Imagine spending several days with amazing women in the natural beauty of Autumn on the lake. It feels incredible, and you learn wonderful skills to stay calm and present with your child and respond healthily to their behavior. You completely up-level your own personal energy. Now imagine bringing all of that home with you. It stays inside of you and colors the way you live your life going forward. How would that lasting harmony affect you and your family? 

This amazing moment can truly be a turning point in your life and in your life with your child. It will stay with you forever. I can't wait to meet you on my doorstep this Fall with a huge hug. 

Early Bird pricing expires on June 1st. Learn more about the retreat here and set up your Curiosity Call here.

Because it's during the early bird window, you can save up to $350 on your enrollment by paying your deposit now and taking advantage of all the discounts available. In fact, you could be enrolling in this all-inclusive retreat for as little as $1,900, depending on your room selection. (And when I say all-inclusive, I mean everything: food and drink at home, materials for our work, wineries, your in-home massage and bodywork, gratuity for all your service providers, every single excursion, and more).