Pick Your Battles

parent coach parenting parenting help Feb 05, 2023
Pick Your Battles

Confession time - As a coach, there are a few parenting mottos that make me want to abandon all the coach ‘rules’ about patience and curiosity and instead boss the crap out of my clients. This is one of them: 

Pick Your Battles

I hear this a lot from parents, and what they usually mean is something like: "Ugh, my kid broke a rule, but it's not worth the headache to make a big deal about it. I'm just gonna let this one slide." 

What they also mean is something we rarely talk about: “Parenting feels like a battle. Everything is a struggle I have to win, but I’m so tired of fighting.” 

❤ When we see parenthood as a battleground, we’ve already lost.

❤ When we set limits without the will or skill to enforce them, we hurt our kids.

❤ When we pick battles we aren’t willing to see through, our parenting lacks purpose.

Kids need a sound, healthy container where they get to experiment, make mistakes, and learn from it all. That container is only effective when we follow through on our limits with love and compassion rather than a win/lose mentality. 

This is the magic I share in my group program.

You will learn exactly how to:

  • Pick only battles worth fighting. (You’ll be surprised at how many rules you decide to let go of!)
  • Stop seeing things as battles and fights. (Get ready to feel COOPERATIVE with your kid!)
  • Find purpose in your parenting, so you follow through. (With a strong why you’ll go the distance)
  • Enforce limits with love and empathy. (Replace punishing with compassionate consequences)

And you will do it all with a coach who knows what she’s doing, in a sisterhood of support, surrounded by women who GET IT big time. 

On the other side is a peaceful and rewarding relationship with your child, where good behavior is the norm, and you and your child truly see and respect each other. 

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