Are You Pushing Your Kid Away?

parent coach parenting parenting help workshop May 01, 2023
Are You Pushing Your Kid Away

Sometimes our efforts to get close to our kids just push them away instead.

Talking is a great example of this. When we talk to our kids, we want genuine communication, an acknowledgment that we are heard, and maybe even some compliance, right? But instead, we often get a checked-out kid rolling their eyes and straight-up fighting us! Sound familiar?

It may be that while your motives in conversations are all about closeness, your actions in those conversations create the exact opposite!

Think about how you’d feel if someone:

  • Talked nonstop without giving you a chance to speak
  • Gave a detailed explanation of how you got yourself into the mess you’re in
  • Negated any positives they said with a “but” in every sentence.
  • Raised their voice
  • Towered over you or got in your face
  • Assumed they knew your experience
  • Didn’t seem interested in your ideas or perspective

It’s no surprise that kids are less than enthusiastic about conversations like these. Obviously, none of us want to be acting this way. Still, it happens anyway, especially when our conversations are about misbehavior, like lying, back-talk, or rule-breaking! 

So, how are we supposed to talk about behavior and still promote closeness? Is that even possible?

Yes, it is, and I am going to show you exactly how to talk about even the hard stuff with your kids in very close and effective ways during my upcoming workshop:

Words That Work

There are some simple communication tools that can completely turn these talks around. You can create a dialogue with your child (no matter how old they are) that brings you closer together and still improves their behavior. AND you can have more talks that aren’t about behavior at all - they are just about closeness and love. 

You don’t have to feel like every talk is a minefield, and you can’t say anything right. A connected and positive dynamic with your kids is totally doable, I promise!

**Replays will be available for registrants.