Quality Time, not Crowd Control

Feb 23, 2021

Hey Mama,

Whenever someone joins my coaching group, I always ask what they want out of the program, and today someone gave me the best answer!

 Quality time rather than crowd control!

OMG YES!!! Sometimes people explain my job even better than I can explain it myself.  So many of us are running around herding cats all day and it SUCKS. 

Ummm, how about just, no? How about actually leading our families and having real connections with our kids instead? How about being on top of the organization, behavior, and vibe in our homes? And how about this being actually easy?

How about NOT feeling like headless chickens, getting the runaround from our kids, and collapsing in an exhausted, unsatisfied heap at the end of every day?

This is exactly what the mamas in my group are creating right now:

  • Breaking their pattern of repeating themselves.
  • Setting boundaries and expectations
  • Staying consistent
  • Feeling present and engaged with their kids
  • Enjoying life outside motherhood
  • Having FUN

If you're running crowd control all day, you do not have the support and skills you need - that's all it is.  Getting that help makes it not only possible but easy, to step off the crazy train. 

When we invest in support, skills, and connection...the crazy cat-herding becomes a thing of the past. Ready to make that investment? 

Enrollment is open, the price is right, the time is now. Click here to learn more.


Thanks for reading