Is Simplicity an Option in Parenthood?

fall retreat moms parenting retreat May 28, 2024
Is Simplicity an Option in Parenthood

Enjoying Maycember? 

Summer break is upon us, and whether you're happily opening "Camp Mommy" for the season or crying over the looming months, one thing is universal: we're all swimming in a sea of logistics and to-do lists. 

I'm ready for some simplicity.

Gimme some straightforward, smooth, no surprises, no catches, no last-minute charges, snafus, or gotcha moments - I'm so ready! 

Parents deeply desire (and rarely experience) EASE. You might even believe that creating simplicity in parenthood is impossible. But actually, helping parents create simplicity is a big part of my work, and I give simplicity to you in everything I do, even something that can feel as tricky as getting away for a retreat.

The Motherhood Untamed retreat is simple:

First, it doesn't get easier than 5 days of zero housework, cooking, shopping, driving, planning, organizing, or problem-solving. Heaven! 

And how about not having to think about money? 

This retreat is ALL INCLUSIVE!

🍷 Wineries? Covered.

😌 Massages? Included.

🐝 Lunch and flights at our local meadery? No cost to you.

💁‍♂️ Tips for your waitstaff and massage therapist? I got you.

🎁 Killer gift bag? It's a given.

🚗 Airport pickup? Complimentary. 

How nice is it to get away and not be nickel-and-dimed the whole time?! My guests reach for their wallets exactly ZERO times. 

Finally, how does a parenting approach make motherhood easy even when you get back home? 

Much of life's complications stem from the chaos in our minds, and you can learn to change this! 

Our morning coaching circles will open your eyes and change your life…while you hang out in PJs, love on yourself, and laugh your butt off. Let yourself surrender to this. I'll take care of you in every way. 

After Maycember, I can't imagine anyone who deserves this experience more than you. Only a few spots remain for this fantastic retreat, and Early Bird pricing expires 6/15 - reply to this email and tell me you're interested. I'll answer all your questions and do everything in my power to make this moment happen for you.

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