Staying Cool in the Heat of the Moment

parent coach parenthood lessons parenting parenting help Aug 29, 2023
Staying Cool in the Heat of the Moment

"I know the right things to do with my kid, but in the heat of the moment, I forget it all!"

Right before I began writing this, a friend called who’s also a parent coach. We ended up talking about how our responses to tough situations are so different from most parents’. We are used to blank stares and sideways glances from other moms when we are unfazed by things that send them through the roof - tough subjects, kids’ outbursts, accidents on the playground, notes home from teachers, insanely messy bedrooms, disrespectful backtalk…we know how to deal with these things, yes, but even more importantly, they just don’t upset us.

Doing the Work 

This is NOT because we are coaches. It’s because we have done the work we now help our clients do - Doing this work means tough moments don’t feel like the big deal they did when we first became moms. 

Parents talk about ‘the heat of the moment.’ They try to force themselves to stay calm no matter how hot things get. They make themselves grit their teeth and not let the frustration out. But if we’re boiling inside, those efforts sadly fail, so… 

What makes the ‘heat of the moment’ hot for you?

What if you allowed yourself to look into the heat?

When you work with me, we go deep together because staying cool when things heat up is a deep change. It is that depth, curiosity, and bravery that creates lasting change instead of piling on tricks to white-knuckle it through intense emotions. 

The Raging Fire

How fabulous would parenting feel if you weren’t battling a raging fire inside yourself but felt truly calm and cool deep down? Incredible! That inner coolness makes parenting clear, accessible, and easy. If you’re ready for this, I’m ready for you.

 Ready to Make a Change?

I’m talking to parents NOW who are ready to go deep with me and create real, lasting change inside themselves and let that change spread throughout their entire families. It all starts with a free Discovery Call where you share your story, get direct personalized feedback from me, and possibly begin a coaching relationship that will change your trajectory forever. Can’t wait to meet you!