The Ripple Effect Of A Parenting Win

Jul 13, 2021

Hey Parenting People!


Last week in my coaching group, a parent shared a huge win that almost made me cry:


“A year ago I would have had so much fear implementing consequences [because of] the outbursts and escalations, but last night I proved I can do it and keep things in check. My oldest lost the privilege of going to ninja class due to some behavior last week. We addressed it last week and he knew he would miss class. When class time came around I kept neutral and showed up with empathy knowing he must feel so many big emotions especially since his younger brother still got to go. He sat and read a book for the entire class and there weren't any outbursts! Seriously this felt like a huge victory for me and even some doubters here in my house might be noticing how I rocked it!!”


There are so many achievements here: delayed consequences, neutrality, connection with her son through his consequence, not rescuing, modeling for her partner, growth recognition …any one of these gains is justification for tears, in my opinion.  


And under it all flows a current of confidence, which really got me. It gets me every time because I know a win like this has ripple effects that touch on the next parenting moment, and the next...ripples of self trust, strength and calm.  This mom is changing who she is as a parent, her relationship with her children, and their future, because she has proven something huge to herself.  


Then I thought about the ripple effect of her sharing her win with the group. I thought about a mom about to give up on her work, but reading this post and giving it one more try. I imagined someone going through something similar and reaching out to her with a question.  The inspiration from each other is a magical thing about this group and I love it.


The thing is, we’re creating ripple effects all the time whether we like it or not.  But we do get to pick what kinds of ripples we make.  


When you have parenting wins - do you notice? Do you celebrate? Do you share it? Do you know how powerful that ripple effect can be for you and the people around you? 


And when you have parenting hardship - do you get stuck? Do you go inside yourself? Do you create a NEGATIVE ripple effect that impacts your next parenting moment with insecurity, confusion, and hopelessness? 


If you’re ready for more wins and the ripple effects from them, it starts with a free Discovery Call where you’ll tell me your story and get my honest feedback on what to do next.  I can’t wait to welcome you home.


Love, Ann