New Workshop: Toddler Time

parenting authority parenting plan parenting toddlers Nov 02, 2021
New Workshop: Toddler Time

Hey There Parenting Peeps!

My next workshop is around the corner and it's just for all you parents of littles! If your kiddo is a toddler or less than 6 really, you need to join me.

On November 17th, I'll be leading my next live workshop:

Toddler Time: Loving your toddler through tantrums, power struggles, chaos, and tears

This workshop is all about the big challenges of toddlerhood and parenting young children. If you find yourself:

  • Arguing over whether the sky is blue
  • Tripping over Legos and digging Thinking Putty out of the rug all-day
  • Contending with epic meltdowns once/hour
  • Wrestling huge children into car seats
  • Pushing a tiny tyrant through the grocery store
  • Begging your child to do things that any sane person would do
  • Repeating yourself until you're hoarse

You need to join me in this workshop!

If you’ve never attended one of my workshops, what are you waiting for?!?! I will answer all your toddler questions. I will coach you on what to do about anything you’re stuck on. You will walk away with real, actionable changes you can put in place immediately!

And I give you SO MUCH FREE STUFF (printable guides, replays, extended Q&A and free sessions). If you have a toddler, I really can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be there!

Let's get in one last workshop before the holidays descend upon us and parenting madness sets in! Snag your spot here.

Love, Ann