Traveling With Kids This Summer?

Jun 08, 2021

Hey Parenting People!

Whatever your plans, summer means hauling kids around! 

- Dragging them along while you do errands... 

- Packing up the crew for a camping roadtrip... 

- Loading onto a plane to fly across country...

Moms. Be. Schlepping.

(BTW, in case you don't know, schlepping is Yiddish for 'hauling around a bunch of crap, including yourself')

I talk to a lot of moms who love travel and thought they'd keep it up when their kids came along. But now they need to screw up their courage just to brave Target with a toddler! Dreams of adventure have fallen by the wayside. After 16 years of globe-trotting with 4 kids, I am living proof that you can figure this out!  Here’s my best advice: 

1. Get it right at home before you take your show on the road. Grandma’s basement is not the best place to try out a new discipline strategy, potty train, or wean your baby.  Stick with what’s working now, and save the new ideas for when you get back home.

2. Your stroller is a mobile time-out machine. If you know what to do at home, you can do it on the go.  Be creative and if you start thinking, “I can’t do that,” ask yourself: “if I knew it were possible, how would I do it?

3. A lawn chair and novel in your trunk eliminate chaos in the car.  Try this mommy mic-drop: “It’s not safe to drive when the car is crazy, so I guess I’ll be taking a break until everyone is ready.” Don’t be afraid to pull over and hang out while your kids calm down.


The struggles of motherhood do not mean we have to put our wanderlust on hold.  And if the things I’m describing sound great but totally impossible, it might be time for us to talk. Set up a free Discovery Call and let me show you how to get things back on track.  I promise a fun-filled summer is possible for all of us.

Love, Ann


P.S. If your biggest travel worry is how on earth to keep your cool while your kids push your buttons and ruin vacation, I have a solution for you: MomCalm is my super low-cost tool that will teach you how to stop losing your temper, yelling at your kids, and feeling awful about it. Snag it here and don't let stress and anger ruin summer!