What Even IS Revolutionary Parenting?

parenting parenting help workshop Jan 25, 2022

In February I am offering my Parenting Revolution workshop twice.

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What even IS revolutionary parenting?

In a nutshell, anything that is not our default mode is a revolution. We come to parenthood with half a lifetime of messaging and experiences under our belts, and our unique personalities (with all their flaws and foibles). 

What's revolutionary is actually looking at that.

It is revolutionary to see that default as optional.

And it's revolutionary to learn how to DO something about it.

For most of us, intentional, intelligent & humble parenting is revolutionary.

I believe revolutionary parenting is:

  • Active & intentional - the opposite of default mode!
  • Curious & Exploratory - learning skills based on our TRUE selves and up-to-date information.
  • Vulnerable & slow - this is actually EASY because all we need to do is let go of defensiveness, connect with our child, and allow ourselves to make mistakes.

This is what I will be teaching in the Parenting Revolution Workshop, in very clear simple terms. Learn more and register here.