When Mommy Doesn't Know Best

Jul 27, 2021

Hey Parenting People!


When my kids were super little and I started working with parents, this was the basic approach I learned:


Parents know best and we run the show with boundaries, consequences and compassion. The end.


This works well, up to a point. Eventually, we come up against the fact that our kids have their own needs, personality and vision.  Sometimes we DON'T know them better than they do.  We don’t always know best.  Bottom line -  ‘parents run the show’ is a great approach for discipline, but good parenting is more than discipline.  We are building relationships too, and relationships are a two-way street.  Parenting that misses this ends up bulldozing children and pushing them farther away from us.


The missing element in ‘parents know best’ is communication.  Improving not just our discipline skills but also the way we relate to and talk to our kids makes it possible to address both our kids’ behavior and our relationship with them.


If you feel like things are off track with your child either in their behavior or in your connection with each other, ask yourself: 


How well are you communicating with each other?  Do each of you feel heard?   Do you know how to get them to listen to you? Do you know how to listen to them? How do you each feel when you walk away from your conversations? Is it clear where you stand with each other?


On August 10th, I am leading a workshop that will change the way you connect with your child: 


Kid Conversations that Connect 


The tools in this workshop apply to any aged kid, and will help you learn:

  • What to say (and what NOT to say), 
  • How to communicate without an agenda, 
  • How to express yourself without putting pressure or judgment on your kiddo
  • Being a good listener


The cost for this workshop is $19 (free for existing clients).  Bring me all your questions and get ready to completely transform your relationship and connection with your kiddo! Register now!


Including your child in your parenting seems like a no-brainer but it’s easy to overlook.  This workshop will make sure you know exactly how to make your relationships a 2 way street again.


Love, Ann


P.S. Even if you are a client and get access to this workshop for free, you'll still need to register! Use the promo code I already emailed you ;)