When Parenting is Hard...Take the Easy Way Out

fall retreat parenting parenting authority parenting help parenting retreat Jun 24, 2022
When Parenting is Hard...Take the Easy Way Out

There is messaging all around us that everything has to be hard:

❌ Don't take the easy way out
❌ Hard work pays off
❌ There are no shortcuts in life - you have to work for it
❌ Success doesn't come easy
❌ You get what you work for, not what you wish for
❌ Nothing worth having comes easy

What if this is actually all lies?

I teach (and practice) intuitive parenting. That means showing up with my kids as my True Authentic Adult Self and letting go of my ego, fears, and protective parts that like to get in the way.

What's real: when you're being your True Authentic Adult Self:

😏 It feels gooooooood (like almost naughty)
🌞 Stuff is clear and simple
🧘‍♀️ Drama is zero (even when others are neck deep in it)
❤️ Relationships flow (including with your kids)
✔️ Life is EASY. Parenting? EASY. Marriage? EASY. Conflict? EASY.

Life is not supposed to be hard and feel bad. Leaning into that crap is NOT the way to happiness and satisfaction. If it feels bad, it is bad. If it feels hard, you're caught up in something masquerading as truth.
This holds even in really painful situations, like loss, danger, trauma, and conflict...authenticity in these moments means even sadness or grief is exquisite and nothing to fear or avoid.

So today, I want you to think of a challenge you are facing right now. Something that feels SO hard and SO unpleasant. Ask yourself:

What if I let this be easy? What would that look like? What might that be?

"Let it be easy" is a mantra I learned a long time ago from another coach I follow, Samantha Siffring. And "Let it be easy" was front and center for me in planning the AWAKEN THE WISE MAMA retreat.

We think transforming our relationships with our kids, the behavior in our homes and the way we experience motherhood will be so hard, and take so, so long. But what if that's not true? What if you let it be easy? What if it's allowed to be FUN? What if you could completely pivot the landscape of your motherhood and family over one long weekend, simply by joining in an event that held you with love, poured wisdom into you, lifted the veil of hardship off of you, and felt sooooo goooood?

This is what AWAKEN is about: 5 days to reconnect with our True Authentic Adult Selves in a format that teaches and nurtures you with JOY, LOVE, CELEBRATION, and INSPIRATION. This retreat will feel great! It will open your eyes to a whole new way of being, as a woman and mother. It will teach you completely new parenting skills that make discipline and communication second nature to you. It will connect you with yourself and other moms like never before. You are going to achieve all the things you want for your family...and it will be EASY.

3 spots remain to receive 3 incredible mothers ready to let life and motherhood be easy. Are you one of them? Learn more here!