Why Your Great Parenting Skills Aren't Enough

Jul 05, 2019

Do you feel like you've learned a million parenting techniques but your family is still like a runaway train? So often we think it's because we need to learn yet another trick, or because we're not implementing the skills we've already learned, but what if it has nothing to do with discipline?

A lesson I learned early on as a mom, and then again when I started helping other moms parent on their own terms is this: Learning healthy discipline techniques isn't enough. If a parent is emotionally drained or the family lacks structure, all the great parenting methods in the world can't solve their challenges. It's not enough to tell a mom to 'stay calm' while she consequences her kid, or to 'get organized' with her time. If she's unsupported, overburdened or depleted, she simply can't do it! My clients' results skyrocketed when I started addressing 3 areas with them:

- Parenting Mindset (are you weighed down by mom guilt or feel like you have to do it all?) - Family Systems (routine, self care, home help, etc.) - Discipline (responses that empower kids while encouraging better behavior)

Recently I was interviewed by Julie Freedman Smith and Gail Bell on their short and sweet (only 15 minutes!) Parenting Power podcast. Julie and Gail kept me focused on systems and organization, and it reminded me that there is more to this stuff than just discipline. If you struggle with things like time management, family organization, delegating responsibilities, or getting help, I really encourage you to invest the few minutes to listen in.

You're doing great & getting even better!