Your Kid Makes Sense

dad coach parent coach parenting parenting help Nov 28, 2023
Your Kid Makes Sense

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Your Kid Makes Sense

I recently had a client who wanted help getting his son to school. "He missed two days this week acting 'sick,' but I know he wasn't. Meanwhile, he's upset over missing quizzes. He makes no sense!" I was curious. "How did you know he was acting?" After a few more questions, he connected his son's sick act and how he seemed when he was nervous. Dad decided to bring some curiosity to a chat with him and found out his son was avoiding some school social drama he didn't know how to navigate. They talked it out, and he felt better equipped to face it - school skipping solved, thanks to my and Dad's curiosity.

A Broad Brush 

Without curiosity, we paint situations with a broad brush. Upsetting moments feel confusing and stupid. We do this to ourselves ("I know it's stupid to yell at my kids - it only makes things worse!") and to our kids, like this dad did at first. 

In truth, the things we and our kids do that feel insane or wrong come from understandable places, like fear, low self-esteem, ignorance, and self-protection. And as you discover that place, nothing is truly nonsensical. More curiosity leads to more compassion and helps our kids (or my clients 😉) discover themselves and new perspectives and to change. 

What if everything your child did, even the most frustrating behavior, made beautiful sense?

What if all the parenting mistakes you're kicking yourself for were actually understandable?

The things you're beating yourself up for doing, the reactions to your kids that seem idiotic and you wish you didn't do…they all make sense. This is part of the magic my clients and I make together. By treating your parenting with curiosity, we find that place where things make sense, watch it shift, and then your parenting changes, too, because you start to see your child through that lens of curiosity. The things they do that are pure nonsense, self-sabotaging, even maddening for you…they all make sense, and you can find that sense and help them grow and change.

For most of us, our default parenting mode couldn't be further from curiosity - we just want to get things back on track ASAP, like my client wants his kid to go to school. Do you need help building up your capacity to be curious? I can help. 

Curiosity is my superpower!

Whether it's binging documentaries or asking so many questions in a coach training that I get bitched out in front of the whole class by a colleague (true story!), it's something I bring to everything I do. I help my clients learn to shift their lens on parenting situations so they can show up with curiosity and figure this parenting thing out once and for all! It starts with a Discovery Call where you show me where things feel off, and I give you my honest feedback. We create a plan to get things where you want them to be and decide if we want to execute that plan together. Set it up today and get the ball rolling to more curiosity, a better connection with your child, and a happy, healthy family.

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