Your parenting solutions are in the last place you'd look

Jun 01, 2020

I've been thinking about my clients' challenges and their results: where do they get stuck, how do they get unstuck, and how can I share it with you?

Moms seeking parenting guidance from me, or from any other source, are ready for something new NOW. They want tools. They want results. They want their kids to behave. And they want a different vibe in their family ASAP.

It's understandable! When our families are a mess, we naturally want to know how to get back on track, so we study what to do differently. But, take it from me, that hardly ever works - instead, we fall back into old patterns or totally lose our sh$t trying to do a bunch of new stuff. It's maddening!

This happens to my clients sometimes too - at first they prioritize the parenting skills I teach, and the other work I give them sits on the back burner...and pretty soon they are frustrated. They're trying so hard to do better and fix their parenting mistakes. Why aren't things changing faster? Why are they still losing their temper and repeating themselves? Why are they still frazzled and exhausted? Why are things still a mess?


It's because they're implementing new techniques using the same old parenting perspective that didn't work before. Those new tools are based on a view of parenting that these moms don't have quite yet. Focusing on skill-building alone is the quickest way to find yourself right back where you started - pissed off and hopeless. Think about it this way - When someone's arm is broken, switching from a screwdriver to a hammer isn't going to make the job any easier; we need to heal the arm first! Only when my clients trust that exploring their minds will lead to the outcome they want, then they naturally, almost accidentally, create huge changes in their families FAST. All the new skills in the world can't solve our problems if we're trapped in our own mind drama of guilt, overwhelm, and anger.

Focusing on skill-building alone is the quickest way to find yourself right back where you started - pissed off and hopeless.

My most successful clients all have this in common: they decide to work on their MINDS before their parenting skills.


What's the most powerful tool that helps my clients see what's happening behind the parenting scenes, change it, and relate to their kids in a whole new way? It's the questions and mental exercises I create for them in our sessions.

I want to help ALL moms get the transformation waiting on the other side of that leap of faith! So, I've decided to begin sharing some of these exercises in the Real Life Momming group every week! If you dive in with these gems, big changes are sure to follow.


What should you do with these mind-benders? Whatever works: Journal, meditate, think about it in the bathroom, comment on the post, talk about it with friends... however you use them, contemplating these things opens you to new solutions, ideas and approaches to motherhood, and that's where the magic really starts.

You'll have to tune into the group to see these mind-blowing posts 😉 but if you're ready to go beyond a head-scratcher once per week, AWESOME. That means it's time for a talk where I get to know you, and your family through your eyes.

With a deeper understanding of your unique challenges and objectives, I can give you personal feedback and support. Book a free discovery call and let's get started!