What did Childhood Teach You about Parenting?

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What did Childhood Teach You about Parenting

What did childhood teach you about parenting?

If you were parenting the way your parents did, what would you be doing?


I asked this question in the my coaching group and it would have been easy to feel awful reading answers like, “conditional love and being very critical,” or, “yelling as a primary form of communication.” After all, parents have been handed a tremendous and unfair burden by our past. But that’s NOT what I felt. 

Watch this video to learn:

  • How to turn even the most awful past into a strong parenting foundation.
  • Why reading the responses to my question was reassuring.
  • How to use your past to quell your inner critic.

We inherit a legacy from the generations before us, and we have the choice to make our parenting so much more than that legacy alone.  

It's time to grow beyond our past by asking the next logical question:

What is your kid’s childhood teaching THEM about parenting?

If the answer to that question doesn’t feel great to you, register for Parenting Revolution right now and let it be a pivot point in breaking generational cycles in your parenting. 

Want to see some of the answers to my Facebook questions?

  • Conditional love and being very critical… Oh, and yelling as a primary form of communication. I feel stuck in all of it - all my defaults are rooted in this behavior. - Megan
  • Denial and downplaying of emotions instead of learning how to deal with emotions and helping our kids get tools for how to properly handle theirs. - Meredith
  • Need to control the situation mostly - Kaitlyn
  • Helping when "help" isn't being asked for - Lindsay
  • Slamming cabinets all the time and making everything I’m mad about be my kid’s fault. making everything about me, right down to what tv shows we watch as a family. Basically, if I’m not happy, no one is. I’m also racist and use the N-word. - Melissa
  • Nothing resembling parenting. Sleeping until 1-2pm screaming at everyone for everything and anything. - Kabrina
  • Shame and blame. Inappropriate enmeshment … not healing my own wounds. - Ash Lee
  • Going to church everyday, screaming a lot and punching walls - Jacki
  • Telling my kid what she's doing is not good enough...it's gotta be perfect, and telling her to make sure her belly doesn't get big...you don't wanna get fat so make sure you exercise, oh and don't worry, God will provide while going further and further into debt, and accusing my spouse multiple times for cheating... in front of my kid. - Kleine
  • Leaving my kid alone all summer, spanking them, and telling them that they should be spending the days at home cleaning. - Mellanie
  • Giving guilt trips. Sitting on the couch. Not tuning into my child. - Lisa