Co-parenting with a Monday Morning Quarterback?

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Co-parenting with a Monday Morning Quarterback

“Quit Monday morning quarterbacking me!”

We were about three months into parenthood when my husband said this to me after I pointed out that he had put our son’s diaper on lopsided and leaky. I was only trying to help! You’re welcome. 

I had no clue what a Monday morning quarterback was, so he explained that an MMQB passes judgment after the fact, which is exactly what I was doing - Throwing shade while totally unaware of the changing table showdown my husband had gone through. Turns out it was a minor miracle that our son had a diaper on at all! 

If you’re parenting with a Monday morning quarterback, you know how it feels and how hard it is to keep trying. 

Often, one parent feels criticized and belittled, so they give up (stop taking initiative when help is needed, and deep down question their parenting ability). In contrast, the other parent feels frustrated and overwhelmed with the lion’s share of the parenting burden.

Situations like this are exactly what my clients address every day, especially in my Dads’ Group. My husband’s attempt to fix our problem by telling me to “quit it!” was not the solution, but overcoming an MMQB dynamic is absolutely doable with some simple skills. Competence comes from sticking with something, which is hard in the face of criticism or intervention, and that’s why the Group has been helpful to so many fathers. They’re learning to set and enforce healthy boundaries (with their children, their co-parents, and themselves!), so instead of giving away their parenting opportunities, they see it through and become highly skilled, with my input and education every step of the way. 

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